Eem Harbour


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Eem Harbour

Just on the edge of the old city centre, there’s the Eem Harbour (Eemhaven) — a lively place full of novel initiatives and handsome squares. Eem Square (Eemplein) is a new and dynamic city square, between the railway station and the Eem harbour, with shops, cafes and a cinema. This is also the home of the Eem House (Eemhuis), featuring a must-see library and the KAdE art centre with changing exhibitions. Right next to Eem Square, you will find The New City (De Nieuwe Stad), a dynamic micro-city with opportunities for work, education, and entertainment. Visit The New City and experience its exciting mix of industrial heritage, parkland, festivals, a pop venue, and restaurants. All this no more than a stone’s throw away from the old city centre.

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  • Address: Grote Koppel, Amersfoort

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