Entrepreneur, travel agent, disabilities advocate, and featured speaker Kristy Durso owns and operates Incredible Memories Travel, a full-service travel agency whose specialized niche is being the industry experts at special needs travel.

Founded in 2018, Incredible Memories reflects Kristy’s years of experience in the travel industry, as well as her unrelenting passion for customer care and providing customized, premier travel experiences. As a growing agency, IMT is setting a new standard for expertise in disability travel and is informed by Kristy’s own unique experiences and prodigious research.

While Kristy takes pride in her agency’s expertise in this unique arena of the travel industry, Incredible Memories is fully capable of creating a world-class travel experience for you just about anywhere. Kristy and her agents have developed and sent clients on customized trips all over the US, Caribbean, South America, Europe, and they are expanding into African travel.

Kristy is a featured speaker at the 23d Annual Family Café conference in Orlando, FL in June of 2021, and at the Abilities Expos in Houston, the New York Metro area, and Dallas.

What you get with IMT is a personal, catered experience, designed for your needs and enjoyment by highly knowledgeable agents whose goal is to make sure your trip provides incredible memories for a lifetime.

Combined, our agents have seen 45 states, over 25 countries, and are forever dreaming and plotting how we can add to those numbers! We have extensive contacts throughout the travel industry, eager to partner with you to overcome the challenges of planning a special needs vacation. Our goal is to give you the confidence to turn your vacation dreams into INCREDIBLE MEMORIES!

Let us help you launch your next adventure!

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