We have assembled an incredible team of travel experts who have a passion for special needs travel. In addition, our team members bring their unique experiences and training into each adventure they plan.


Kristy Durso

Agency Owner

Entrepreneur, travel agent, disabilities advocate, Army veteran, military wife, and featured speaker Kristy Durso owns and operates Incredible Memories Travel, a full-service travel agency whose specialized niche is being the industry experts at special needs travel. She has three children, one who has autoimmune issues and food allergies, another on the spectrum, and another with cognitive and intellectual disabilities. She knows first hand about many of the issues that can come up concerning disabilities and travel.

Founded in 2018, Incredible Memories reflects Kristy’s years of experience in the travel industry, as well as her unrelenting passion for customer care and providing customized, premier travel experiences. As a growing agency, IMT is setting a new standard for expertise in disability travel and is informed by Kristy’s own unique experiences and prodigious research.

While Kristy takes pride in her agency’s expertise in this unique arena of the travel industry, Incredible Memories is fully capable of creating a world-class travel experience for you just about anywhere. Kristy and her agents have developed and sent clients on customized trips all over the world, including North America, Caribbean, Europe, South America, and more!

Kristy is a featured speaker at the 23d Annual Family Café conference in Orlando, FL in June of 2021, and at the Abilities Expos in Houston, the New York Metro area, and Dallas.


Allison Goldbloom

Travel Agent

I’m Allison Goldbloom and I have been a Disney enthusiast for as long as I can remember!

I was planning Disney vacations for friends and family for over 5 years when I decided to make my love for Disney and planning magical experiences for others official. I was so lucky to join Incredible Memories Travel agency where I could combine my love for travel with my true passion for serving others.

As an educator for 18 years, my passion is serving those with special needs and ensuring that I am supporting teachers, families and students with meeting their goals. Joining Incredible Memories was a natural fit since our team focuses on supporting families with special needs to be sure they have a safe and fun vacation. Under the direction and support of Kristy Durso, I am learning and building my business. I have been a travel agent for 2 years.

I specialize in Disney vacations and look forward to helping you plan a magical one that meets your family needs.


Colleen Malysza

Travel Agent

Being a single mom of two rambunctious boys is definitely challenging. Both of them adopted from India, they are truly my reason for being. I absolutely love being an elementary school teacher but I always felt like a little piece was missing. Every time that my family was trying to plan a trip, which was most likely to Walt Disney World, I got almost as excited planning it, as I did actually traveling to the destination. I spent my childhood “growing up Disney!” The more I traveled there, the more in love I felt. The fact that this one magical place can transport anyone back to a time of magic and wonder is incredible. It is a life goal of mine to visit all of the Disney parks in the world. As I got older I realized I needed more palm trees in my life, that was when I started cruising. It’s an all inclusive vacation with stunning ocean views. Going to bed with one island on the horizon and waking up in entirely different destinations…not many vacations can promise that. Top it off with incredible food, and international staff, and world-class kids clubs, what more can you ask for? Joining Incredible Memories Travel was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It helped make my love and passion for planning vacations a reality. The fact that this company is founded on helping families achieve their dreams and focus on special-needs vacations all around the globe, is more than I could wish for. Both of my boys have special needs and I’m happy to say that Kristy has always helped me optimize their vacations every step of the way. I specialize in cruises and all things Disney. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to help you plan the most incredible European vacation or a trip to see the Northern Lights. If you can imagine it, I can make it a reality.


Melissa Rowan

Travel Agent

“You’ve seen more of England and Europe than I have, and I’m English and have lived here my whole life!” quipped my young English friend several years ago when we lived there. Our military life of 25 years definitely had its perks when it came to travel and adventure. Our favorite assignments were Germany and England, where I had many opportunities to explore foreign cities and villages; experience the magical tastes, sights and sounds of Christmas markets in Germany, Austria and France; see some of the world’s best art; and visit amazing sites of both ancient and modern history. Domestically, turning transcontinental moves into sightseeing adventures and taking advantage of living in different regions of this vast nation of ours has enabled me to visit beautiful places including Hawaii, Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe and the Grand Canyon as well as interesting cities from Washington, DC to San Francisco. And because I’m the mother of 5, Walt Disney World and Disneyland have been visited on more than a few occasions. I have a passion for travel and planning vacations at any possible opportunity. I especially love to travel with my husband and my family, exploring new places, revisiting favorite ones, having grand (or small) adventures and making precious memories. I look forward to chatting with you about your own travel visions and assisting you with your travel plans so you too can make sweet memories with your own loved ones.


Tanya Treptow

Travel Agent

Ever since I was young, I've had a passion for travel. My husband and I enjoy taking our five children (and occasional foster child) on crazy adventures and watching them develop that same love of traveling and experiencing what this world has to offer. That passion naturally led me to this career. I really enjoy customizing trips that are perfectly suited for clients and one of my favorite parts of this job is getting feedback saying they had an amazing vacation making incredible memories! Whether you want an accessible train ride through the Canadian Rockies, have a large family group going to Walt Disney World, or want a fun getaway to Las Vegas with your friends, I can help you make it all happen. Life is made up of memories and I'd love to help you make some incredible ones!