Something New Something Cherished Part 1

My family had the privilege of returning to our beloved England..  During our 3 years living there, we’d never made it to the North Yorkshire Moors so decided to spend the first part of our trip there and experience a “new to us” part of England.

It did not disappoint!!  A gorgeous drive across the moors with its fields of purple heather – not quite at their peak but still beautiful, brought us to our cottage at Church House Farm where we enjoyed spectacular views from our garden and from our walks.











Local Fairy house
While there we enjoyed a couple nice day trips – including a visit to Whitby Abbey and the town of Whitby.  Do you know the literary significance of Whitby Abbey?  Answer below…


199 Steps from Whitby Abbey to the town.  We started at the top and went down – and took the shuttle back UP!


Whitby was inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
What’s a summer vacation without a beach day?  Apparently many others agreed because we began our day at one beach and had to abandon our plans when we couldn’t find a single parking spot anywhere in town, and moved on to Runswick Bay which was stunning. The walk down was very steep but my chivalrous husband  played chauffeur and dropped us and picked us up at the bottom.




I want to live in that white house all the way on the end but I got vetoed!

On our way home from the beach, I wanted to catch the Hogwarts Express – but alas I missed it!

I did get to visit the station for a bit.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Moors and have a new “cherished” portion of England to love!  In Part 2, I’ll share our cherished favorites revisited!

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