Rocky Mountaineer – Part 1

My husband and I recently got to cross an item off our “Travel Bucket List.” We took a train trip through the Rocky Mountains with Rocky Mountaineer and it was an amazing experience!


Rocky Mountaineer has a new 2-day route called, “The Rockies to the Red Rocks” which goes from Denver, Colorado to Moab, Utah (or Moab to Denver, whichever you prefer).  We chose to start in Denver and end in Moab.

All aboard!

The first day we traveled from Denver to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The scenery was incredible! The Rockies are amazing in and of themselves, but to sit back in a luxury train, enjoy the ride, and soak up all the views was an experience like no other. 

Amazing views from everywhere!

Since this train only travels during the day, we stopped in Glenwood Springs for our overnight stay. Our hotel was a gorgeous little boutique hotel with a lot of fun history and great amenities. We spent the evening exploring the town and the many shops and restaurants it has to offer – all within walking distance of the hotel. Glenwood Springs is also a geothermal hot spring location which has the world’s largest hot springs pool.

The Rockies along Colorado River

We continued our train journey the next morning, boarding the train and heading to Moab. After the first hour or so, the scenery started its dramatic change from the majestic Rockies to the fascinating Red Rocks.

Red Rocks

One of our favorite things about the whole trip was the Onboard Hosts. They served us our meals, made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed, and told great stories about the areas we were passing through. They made a wonderful trip all the more enjoyable.


Truly, the only bad thing about the whole experience was when it ended and we had to fly home!



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