Beaches Resort – Turks & Caicos pt 2

Incredible Memories Travel is committed to making travel accessible for everyone and it was not by accident that Beaches Turks and Caicos was chosen for our first Incredible Memories Getaway. Their commitment to accessibility for all guests is top notch. While not without some hiccups, Beaches commitment was quite evident and hiccups were addressed with concern and compassion.

Our group was comprised of guests with mobility challenges – including a few wheelchair or scooter users; food allergies; neurodiversities; and neurotypical guests.

Upon our arrival, we discovered that the resort’s sole accessible cabana was already occupied. Kristy approached the resort manager, who reserved an available cabana near the water sports team and made arrangements for that team to assist our guests in any way necessary. AND arrangements were made immediately to build a permanent ramp on that cabana. Within a day, the resort doubled their accessible cabana availability!

Cabana with Beach Wheelchair


Shortly after her arrival, a culinary concierge met with Kristy about her dietary restrictions and shared her list across all restaurants at the resort. Regardless of what was on the menu, each restaurant was able to provide her with a DELICIOUS meal she could safely eat – sometimes even two meals!

Kristy and her delicious meals


As I mentioned in part 1, I was able to kayak with my husband for the first time because I could access the kayak. This feat was possible because I could enter from the water at the seat level. No special accessibility required. But what about our guests who truly had accessibility issues for participating in water activities? I’m happy to report they too had options! The snorkeling boat was not accessible to anyone who could not maneuver stairs so the rescue boat was used instead. Our little party was transported to a reef where we enjoyed an hour of snorkeling and then were picked up and returned to our resort. The sports team was very helpful in assisting us in and out of the boat. One guest with paralysis from the waist down, a certified scuba diver, was even able to go scuba diving!

Heading out to snorkel


Beaches is an IBCCES Autism Certified resort and is able to care for children and guests with neurodiversities. The Kids Club (make sure to use correct term) is open to ALL children and parents can be comfortable leaving their children in capable hands. A detailed questionnaire is completed by the parent so the staff knows exactly what each child needs. If a child needs more intensive attention during his/her time there, one on one care can also be arranged for a nominal fee.

Kids Club


Neurotypical travelers typically do not need special accommodations or assistance to fully experience a resort. When a resort is accessible to those with the most needs, its accessible for all.

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