Beaches Resort – Turks & Caicos pt 1

In 2018, I had the privilege of traveling to Beaches Turks & Caicos. I have been waiting to go back since the day I returned home. I love this resort and wanted very much to share it with my husband. You may find my blog posts about those trips at these links:


Recently, we finally got to take that long awaited trip together when we traveled with the Incredible Memories Accessible Getaway group.

Beaches Turks and Caicos has 5 distinct villages, each with its own personality and perks. Within those villages, are a variety of room categories to meet family needs and also various budgets. On my prior trip, I stayed in the Italian Village which features several restaurants, a large lively swimming pool with a swim up bar and is pretty centrally located near the beach on the resort property. I was traveling with a group and the proximity to all the action was perfect for us. For this trip, I chose the Key West village for my husband and me. I knew we would prefer the quieter environment; would be wanting to access the adults only pool in that village; and Sky Restaurant in that village would be a favorite for us.

Key We

Key West Concierge Room


Key West Concierge Room


Sky Restaurant View



PLS is a small airport and we arrived at the same time as another large plane from the US. Even so, it did not take terribly long to get through immigration and retrieve our bags. Outside was a large line waiting for transportation to Beaches. Other than being hot, that experience was not too bad. Most people were excited to be on vacation and we chatted with others around us while we awaited our turn to board a van bound for Beaches.

We were dropped at the concierge lounge for Key West village where we were greeted (“welcome home” for me as I was returning, and “welcome” for my husband who was a first time visitor”) with cool cloths and a refreshing cocktail.

In my opinion, the most striking thing at Beaches Turks and Caicos is the beautiful white sand beach with the turquoise waters and bright blue skies. Even with a daily downpour (Beaches provided an umbrella in our room) that blue sky always returned quickly. It’s hard not be happy when surrounded by such beauty! When you add all the fun activities and delicious food and drinks, it’s impossible!

After a leisurely breakfast each morning, we visited our groups’ cabana and spent some time with other travelers in the group and enjoying some of the water sports (more on that later).

View from Cabana


After enjoying the fellowship of the group for a few hours, eat a scrumptious lunch at one of the many restaurants on property and then go spent a few quiet hours at the adults only pool which had a wonderfully shady covered area–a MUST for my fair skinned self.

Adults Only Pool


The pool attendant was so sweet. She made sure we had cold drinks and even brought me a noodle to float on one day. (One thing I like about Sandals and Beaches Resorts is their commitment to their employees. She has been with Beaches Resorts for a long time and now has rheumatoid arthritis which limits her mobility. Rather than let her go when her previous job became unmanageable, she now has a job that suits her perfectly and she can continue to bless guests with her sweet personality and service. That’s a win for everyone!)

My husband is an avid kayaker. I had never joined him because (1) it’s difficult to get into a kayak from our dock, and (2)we have lots of alligators. As neither of those obstacles were present at Beaches, I was finally able to join him, and we had a great time. We also went out on a Hobie – many thanks to our skillful skipper who took us out in order to ensure we returned and for turning around when my hat blew off into the ocean. We also were able to snorkel together which is always a favorite tropical vacation activity. Unfortunately, the seas were too rough for us to enjoy the water trikes. Guess we will just have to go back!

Andy and Melissa in a kayak


Kristy in a Hobie

The only drawback to our resort room were the dresser drawers. They shrunk my clothes! I’m positive it was not all of the delicious food or the frozen cocktails I enjoyed so much!

French Pastries




French Toast


Steak & Lobster


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