Food Glorious Food

I have a little family secret to share – my adult children call us snobs.  They make fun of their poor parents and sometimes their younger sisters.  They claim that we make comments like, “I can’t eat THAT pizza. Once you’ve had pizza in Italy its just not the same!” or “I just can’t have American Chinese anymore, I’ve eaten that in China and its just not the same.”
I will neither confirm nor deny the truth of their statements, but I will say, during our recent discussions of our upcoming trip to England, the foods we want to eat did take precedence over the sights we want to see (but decidedly NOT over the people we want to see.)


At the top of our list is sticky toffee pudding and scones and clotted cream with jam!  Fish and chips (no photo), English ale, and the assorted desserts are also high on our list!



England gets a bad rap for their food, but it really is delicious.  Italy on the other hand is known for its food and there’s no wonder!!  Yum! Yum! Yum!!


What’s not to love about a country that routinely serves up espresso, homemade pasta, Balsamic vinegar, tiramisu and gelato?!!


Aloha Hawaii!!

While one may go to feast her eyes on its tropical beauty, a luau provides its own feast and a Dole Whip on a hot sunny day is quite the refreshing delight!!



Experiencing the food at any given destination is a part of the cultural experience.  In my opinion, this is more true in China than any place I’ve ever traveled.  When you enter a truly authentic local establishment where English is not spoken and you have to rely on photos, smiles, nods and pointing of fingers to get your meal, it only adds to the cultural adventure.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal with another family at a Hot Pot restaurant where plates of meats and vegetables were delivered to our table and we booked them in little pots in front of us.



My favorite cultural experience with food in China – enjoying my specially ordered bowl of longevity noodles in honor of my birthday.  DELICIOUS!


Jasmine tea in a local park as we chilled with the locals and had neck and ear massages.


And sometimes what you get is definitely not what you pictured when you ordered.  I present to you a “vegetarian pizza” and a “potato” in Romania.  Sometimes it works out in your favor, and well, sometimes, you’re just hungry enough to laugh and eat up!

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