Meet the Team – Abby

My name is Abigail Mayo and I live in Columbus, Ohio. My home consists of me, my husband Marcus, and two cats named Oliver and Glinda. (Can you tell I’m a musical nerd?)

I have done a few different road trips in the United States, but my two favorite vacation spots are Salzburg, Austria and Walt Disney World. I have been to Walt Disney World so many times, I have lost count! Because of my long history (we’re talking 20 years) of WDW trips, Disney is my specialty.

The second trip I ever took to Walt Disney World was a year after my brother experienced a traumatic brain injury. Due to his injury, he had limited mobility and we sometimes struggled to understand him when he would try to communicate. However, there was no miscommunication when he pulled away from my parents and ran towards Woody the Cowboy, yelling with delight, “Woody! Woody!” And there were definitely no dry eyes when Woody dropped to his knees to give my brother a big hug. It’s these moments that make Disney feel like a truly magical space.

Dealing with my own chronic illness, I have taken several vacations with limited selections of what I can eat and a limited window of how long I can go. I have always been blessed to have a support system (including the IMT crew) that has helped me have wonderful vacation experiences, and I want to pass that joy on!

You can find me on Facebook at Incredible Memories Travel with Abby, on Instagram @imtwithabby, and on TikTok @travelwithabby.

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