Surfers Healing Virginia Beach August 2018

Surfers Healing Virginia Beach

In August 2018, Kristy and I spent 2 glorious days on the beach with over 450 surfers and their families at the Surfers Healing Camp in Virginia Beach.  We were there sharing what travel services we can provide for those families who have special needs to consider when making their travel plans.

For 21 years Surfers Healing, an organization whose mission is “to enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing”  has been hosting camps where surfers from all over the world, help children on the spectrum experience surfing.  This year marked the 14th year the camp has been held at Virginia Beach.  The event is so popular that families register in order to participate in a lottery to win slots for their children to surf.

We fortunately had our tent next to the speakers tent and the massage tent where the surfers and event organizers congregated. We met surfers from all over the world, including Hawaii and Australia who traveled to surf with these children.

Event organizers thought of everything – including tents to shade surfers as they awaited their turns.

Families watching their surfers
One happy surfer!
We met families from faraway states who traveled for this event.  We are happy to help with any travel plans you may have to participate in my local event or any other events across the country.
Melissa participated again in 2019 and was set for 2020 but unfortunately it was cancelled due to Covid.  Looking forward to 2021!
If you would like more information about Surfers Healing Virginia Beach click here.
For information on Surfers Healing Camps nationally click here.

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