Beaches Turks and Caicos Part 2

As I confessed last week, I was so impressed with all that Beaches Resorts offers for children, that I broke my own no pressure for grandchildren rule as I watched other families enjoying a precious multi-generation vacation together and started dreaming of my own!

Beaches Resorts has many children’s programs and activities to cater to children aged 0-17 years old so that Mom and Dad can also enjoy Couple time while on their family vacation.

Camp Sesame, an air conditioned building, has two locations on property and is staffed with nannies and counselors to cater to children from 0 to 4 years old.  It is equipped with swings, cribs and rockers.  Pirate’s Island offers programs for aged 5 to 17 years. And Beaches Resorts are Certified Autism Centers so that families with special needs children can also participate in their children’s programs!

 Pirates Island is kid central!

The activities are listed and easy to find. There are activities for all interests.  I loved that I kept looking for the “building” for the “middle” children and couldn’t find it and was excited to learn its because the children are kept active for their programs and not just taken to a building to be babysat.

Each age level has their own information sheet so children can pick and choose what activities they wish to participate in and parents can plan their day.  We were told often that the children often beg to stay all day!

There are some air conditioned areas to play games if the heat is too intense.  Parents can participate with their children in some of the game areas.
And for the gamers who need Xbox time on vacation, there is a room just for them.
In the evening, the teens and tweens even have their own space to hang out and party with their friends.  No alcohol is served until after it has closed and becomes adults only after 11pm.  A Teens Only Catamaran Cruise is also available.
Beaches Resorts is partnered with Sesame Street, and for children who love interacting with characters a schedule is posted to be sure no opportunities are missed.  There are also additional character interactions available such as a tuck in service, character breakfasts and a personal Sesame party.
I loved all the special touches and considerations for children that are evident around the resort.
What child doesn’t love mac and cheese?  What’s not to love about a Mac and Cheese food truck by the water park?!!
Crab Mac

And I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the child sized soda fountain, imagining all the “I do it myself Daddy”s that are most likely heard their daily.
Child size picnic tables next to adult size ones at the barefoot restaurant by the beach.  I loved seeing the children of multiple families dining together excitedly gathering together for their own little party as their parents took their places at the larger tables nearby.
Children have their own castle dining room at one of the restaurants.  Big Bird in a suit of armor was there to greet them as they entered.

The diner in the waterpark also had a room for the littlest diners to eat independently at child size tables.  They could even get their own popcorn.

Swim up pool bar with fruit smoothies in the water park area.
And in the rooms, child size robes await the littlest guests.
And while I loved all the activities for children, even more, I loved the family activities and observing families having fun together.  My favorite activity was Reggae night.  Children and parents both dancing in the audience and proud children cheering on their parents during the dance contest.  And while I wasn’t able to attend one of the Creativiva productions during my stay there, I look forward to making that happen when I return with my own family as theater is “our thing.”
Beaches Turks and Caicos is an awesome resort for everyone and one doesn’t need to have children to go there and have an amazing vacation. I could certainly plan a family vacation there before grandchildren, but I think I’ll wait.  I don’t want to lose my collateral in my current not so subtle Give Me Grandchildren Campaign! (but if they take too long, I’m going back with just my husband.  I LOVE this resort too much to wait too long to return!)

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