New Orleans – The Food

Part 2 of 4

Yes, I was ONE of those people who took pictures of her food at EVERY meal on our trip. It would be too unkind to rave about the food in words and not show actual photographic evidence of all the culinary delights available in New Orleans.

As I’ve said many times before, we are self-proclaimed foodies and trip timing centered around meals! Andy loves craft beers and he had scoped out all of our dining choices before our arrival and had chosen The Avenue Pub for lunch. Their menu claims “we are known worldwide for our American and European Craft Beer…..” and it was a no brainer choice for him! We planned to arrive in time for a leisurely lunch before our reserved time to enter the VanGogh Immersive Experience. It took us about 15 minutes to walk there from our more centrally located parking lot near the VanGogh experience, but (besides the fall!) it was well worth the walk. The service was top notch and the food was delicious. Craft beer and goat cheese on the menu are our personal indicators of a worthy restaurant, so it’s no surprise that we both chose menu items containing the goat cheese. I chose their specialty Chevre Chaud and Andy had their “Fromage Grille” which is a fancy way to say “grilled cheese sandwich.” Given how delicious the sandwich was, it lived up to its fancified title.

The Avenue Pub

Chevre Chaud – The Avenue Pub

Fromage Grille – The Avenue Pub


For dinner, we chose The Three Muses on Frenchmen Street. We wanted to enjoy live jazz music while we ate. The menu looked very interesting to us with its Korean inspired dishes. We were only the second table seated when we entered at 6pm and I was a little concerned, but that concern was unfounded. Our waiter was very personable and the food was superb. Andy chose a burger, and I had the grilled portabella mushroom sandwich. My mouth still waters thinking about it. I also ordered the signature drink, “The Muse” which was light and refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness. The music was excellent, and I will share more about it in my next blog post devoted to the “fun” on our trip. (I am also happy to report – when we left at the end of the musician’s first set around 8pm, the
place was quite busy with customers.)

Burger – Three Muses

The Muse – Three Muses

Grilled Portabella Mushroom Sandwich – Three Muses


For breakfast Friday morning, we walked a block up the street to The Streetcar Café. The place was bustling with guests and had a very cheery atmosphere with its lights and colorful mugs. The food, coffee and service were all excellent. Andy’s French toast was delicious. I rarely order biscuits but decided to have one with my eggs and bacon. I think it was the best biscuit I have ever eaten. It melted in my mouth. The food portions were very large, and I did not finish my breakfast, but I did not leave a single crumb of that biscuit behind.

French Toast – Street Car Cafe

Eggs and Biscuit – Streetcar Cafe


On our way back to Mississippi we passed a Chez Pierre bakery and decided on a whim to stop in. We enjoyed fresh salads and a tiramisu for dessert. We brought macarons home to our girls. It was the least favorite of all my meals on the trip, but definitely a fresher, more delicious option than the fast- food salad we’d been planning on.

Chez Pierre – Strawberry Salad

Chez Pierre – Mango Avocado Salad

Chez Pierra – Tiramisu


I’ve raved about our meals but even our snacks were yummy. Across the street from our hotel was a little shop called The Big Squeezy. I thoroughly enjoyed sipping on my Greena-Colada as I iced my foot once we checked into our hotel room. After dinner we strolled around Frenchmen street a bit and stopped in at a place called Nonno’s café because it reminded me of my friend whose grandmother name is “Nonnie.” We ordered some bread pudding. I need to stop saying I don’t like bread pudding. Now that I live in the south and am eating southerner’s bread pudding, it’s no longer true!!

The Greena Colada – Big Squeezy

Bread Pudding – Nonnos


*Please stay tuned for my next installment “New Orleans – The Fun”

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